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Summerlan Ranch offers access to the best horse riding events in Visalia, CA. We bring together the best horses, jockeys, equestrians, students and professionals in the industry and we host an assortment of horse riding related events and equestrian sports!

We love horses and we find that that attracts everyone else who does. We have a calendar full of great spectacles any equine enthusiast must see! We are always getting requests to host parties, rodeos and sessions. We are a great place to come and enjoy the hottest horse riding events and activities in Visalia!

Races - the crown of equestrian sports. Races have always been a tradition in horse riding events. Races are always high-stakes, action-filled events that everyone can enjoy. If you’ve never been to a race before you’re going to have the time of your life!

Competitions – Find out who’s the best! Competitions are a display of the effort owners have put into breeding, the jockey or instructors unique talent, as well as the horse’s own innate ability. Competitions are always an incredible feat of skill to spectate. Don’t miss out!

Trails - Travel guides will take you through all our scenic local trails. Horseback riding is a fun and unique experience like no other. Learn all about the local environment and experience the simple beauty that can only be found horseback riding!

Pageantry - Having been a centuries old American tradition, modern pageantry has been adapted to feature horses. Horses compete to show off their skills as well as their groomer’s. Pageants are fun and exciting for the whole family!

Summerlan Ranch has been in business for over 10 years. We find that the best community to be a part of is the equestrian one. We pride ourselves on the fact that our stables are home to some of the best talent in California! Summerlan Ranch is more than just a community; we provide an outlet to appreciate the gifts that nature bestows upon us.

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