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Horses are magnificent creatures who are companions, not just pets. Since the beginning of horse domestication, humans have often found themselves in the company of horses, whether in the fields plowing the land, as transportation for people or supplies, or as teammates in sporting competitions. Horses have consistently been one of the most useful animal companions for us, and for this reason alone, it is important to shelter them as such.

Equestrian boarding stables are facilities in which all the daily needs of your horse are taken care of. This includes everything from grooming and feeding to regular exercise and general medical care. Because many horses that are stabled are used in competition or as training horses for horseback riding sessions, they must be stabled at a horse farm that has experienced handlers who are knowledgeable about horse care.

Summerlan Ranch is a horse hotel that excels in our role of horse boarding in Visalia, CA. Our facility is rated as one of the best in the county, and we are regularly filled to capacity with long-term and short-term boarders.

Our horse ranch includes a 150’ x 300’ horse arena equipped with lights, a pasture for horse exercise and riding lessons, and 40’ x 60’ pipe stalls with shades installed. Our staff do a daily cleaning of all the stalls to ensure proper hygiene for your horse, and we take care of all of your horse’s needs, from feeding and grooming to administering supplements and general health checkups.

Summerlan Ranch is dedicated to the health and well-being of your horse during its time with us. As horse lovers, we understand your need to have your equine friend at a boarding facility that takes into account its needs. We provide that and so much more for you and your horse at our stables. Tour our stables for an in-depth guided look into the everyday activities at our ranch.

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